Malu Healing Room Open: Sessions Available

Malu Healing Room is Now Accepting Appointments!

Located in the heart of Still & Moving, Malu Healing Room is the center of our healing practices.  Like the inner point of our logo, it is the calm space in the midst of swirling movement.  We invite you to step in, take a breath and feel a sense of peace.  

Call during our business hours, 7 days a week, to schedule an appointment!


Massage Modalities

$85/Hour, $120/90 Minutes

  • Integrated Massage (integrating various massage techniques)
  • Lomilomi (traditional Hawaiian massage)
  • Reflexology (stimulating various points on the feet, hands & ears)
  • Shiatsu (Japanese technique meaning ‘finger pressure’)
  • Swedish (relaxing circulatory massage)

$95/Hour, $125/90 Minutes

  • Hot Stone Therapy
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage


  • $85/90 Minutes – First Visit with Consultation
  • $65/60 Minutes – Regular Visit 
  • $45/60 Minutes – 2nd Visit in any week
  • $35/45 Minutes – 3rd Visit in any week

Restorative Yoga  – Passive, supported yoga poses for deep relaxation

$120/90 Minutes

Transformative Yoga Therapy – Individualized counseling applying specific inner and outer yoga practices

$125/90 Minutes

Thai Yoga Therapy – Ancient practice whereby the therapist gently moves the client through various postures

$150/2 Hours

$750 for  5 Class series of 2.5 Hours each – for couples to learn to put each other through the postures.


Family Sundays, Satsang & Potluck

Family Sundays: Fun classes & healthy potluck

Join the fun, healthy activities for the whole family that we offer every Sunday .

Starting at 9 am, kids can participate in  Keiki Hula & Crafts or the Drums Alive class. Adults can go exercise in the Nia class or attend Mindfulness Meditation.

At 10:30am, there’s Keiki Hula or the challenging Obstacle Journey for kids, Nia and Mindfulness Meditation for adults.

At 11:45 we offer an Inspiring Story Hour for the children (free) while the adults can meet upstairs for a thought -provoking community dialogue sharing thoughts, poems  and inspiration.on our theme for the week, themes to help us all grow and aspire to our greatness.

This is a free activity.

Or you are invited to simply hang out in our lounge and relax!

At 12:30 pm, we invite everyone to join in our healthy, vegetarian potluck. The potluck is free and open to all.

Come make new friends! Families can participate in as much or as little of the activities as they choose.