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YOSAKOI: Japanese Dance Sensation & Yosakoi & Yoga Fusion Mar 30 – Apr 1

YOSAKOI! Workshop Series

with Hideko Mukae, visiting instructor from Japan

Introduction to Yosakoi : Friday March 30   5:30 -6:30 pm  


Yosakoi & YOGA: Saturday, Mar 31    1:00 -4:00 pm  


Yosakoi Dance with Naruko April 1st    1:00 -4:00 pm  


*Sat & Sun Special Price $79

Come experience the fun, invigorating dance style that is hugely popular in Japan, but little known to the outside world.

Hideko will teach several workshops: one session will merge her two passions: yoga & yosakoi dance and the other will focus primarily on the Yosakoi dance itself. No experience necessary! It’s so fun you’ll forget it’s exercise and Hideko is a being of total joy!

Yosakoi (よさこい) is a powerful, energetic traditional festival dance that originated in the Southern Japanese city of Kochi in 1954. In recent years, it has incorporated modern dance styles and music and Yosakoi-style dancing has spread throughout much of the nation. The style of dance is highly energetic, combining traditional Japanese dance movements with modern music. The choreographed dances are often performed by large teams. Now, Yosakoi festivals are held all over Japan, throughout the year. They vary in size from small villages hosting a few teams of dancers in conjunction with another annual festival, to large cities like Sendai, which hosts the Michinoku Yosakoi Festival, the third largest festival in Japan.

The music for yosakoi is created with Japanese instruments such as the shamisen – a three-string banjo-like instrument – and taiko – Japanese drums and naruko- hand clapper. Although the music and dance is rooted in tradition, contemporary arrangements may incorporate popular Western dance styles such as hip hop, jazz dance, and even cheerleading. This melding of old and new has contributed to its revival amongst the younger generations.

Hideko Mukae has been a dance instructor  and choreographer for over 26 years in Japan, instructing a variety of dance and fitness exercises, including yosakoi, aerobic dance, hip hop, jazz, cheer dance and yoga. Hideko creates yosakoi choreography based on her vast experience with multiple types of dance. She also arranges naruko dance, a traditional Japanese dance similar to yosakoi, in a contemporary style and has led many teams to win awards at the Yosakoi Festival in Sasebo.

Watch her video of  her Yosakoi & Yoga workshop at Yoga Hawai’i

Here’s a rousing video of an energetic team in Japan!

Lessons of Aloha,Ukelele Lesson & Concert with Brother Noland Mar 31

Lessons of Aloha, Ukelele/Hula Workshop & Music Concert

with Brother Noland

Saturday, Mar 31st

Lessons of Aloha 4:00 -5:00 pm $20

Ukelele/Hula Lesson-Papalina Lahilahi 5:30-6:30 pm $20

Heroic Spirit Music Concert  7:00m-9:00 pm $20

$50 for all Brother Noland events

Lessons of Aloha Talk Story Session $20
“Everything that happens to you is a lesson of aloha.” -Brother Noland    Weaving stories, narratives, and good old fashioned wisdom, Brother Noland shares some of the lessons of aloha he has learned along the way.  His humorous and upbeat style is easy to relate to and his stories will compel you to think about ways to spread aloha in your own life.  In this talk story session, Noland will share his `ohana song “Pa`ani” and also an oli (chant) from his family’s collection.Through aloha, we learn that we are connected to everything in the universe.  Authentic aloha is a reciprocal thing where aloha aku…aloha mai.  Love extends and returns in the same manner as ocean waves.  Brother Noland brings a vast breadth of experience to this workshop on relating to each other with aloha through reconnection with the natural environment.

`Ukulele Workshop – Papalina Lahilahi $20

 Bring your `ukulele and learn Papalina Lahilahi from the master of hula swing!  Brother Noland will give an introduction to musical intelligence and methods of approaching music mathematically, poetically and rhythmically.  For Papalina Lahilahi, he will cover much more than just the words and chords to this classic party hula.  Participants will gain insight into how to infuse spirit and personality into their performance.  The lesson will culminate with a group kanikapila during the Heroic Spirit Concert.  Basic knowledge of `ukulele chords required. 

Hula Workshop – Papalina Lahilahi $20
All levels welcome.  Kumu Hula Malia Helela will teach the hula steps and motions to Papalina Lahilahi.  A must in any hula dancer’s repertoire, this is one of the classic party hula songs that most musicians are guaranteed to play.  Class will begin with basic steps and a warm up.  Then we will delve into the meaning of each verse so that dancers can express themselves with great enthusiasm!

Heroic Spirit Concert by Brother Noland

7:00 – 9:00 pm


It takes a strong spirit to practice aloha in this day and age.  Experience how Brother Noland puts his lessons aloha into practice through music.  Students in the `ukulele and hula classes will have the chance to perform live during the concert.  This promises to be an unforgettable evening of music and dance!

Brother Noland , master slack guitarist,will bring his Lessons of Aloha to life in a concert celebrating peace, comfort, love, nurturing, fun and humor.  Some lessons are expressed best through music because it is a universal language that most everyone can relate to. Check out his music on Youtube:

Music is the thread that has always run through and held Brother Noland‘s life together. He was born and raised in Kalihi-Palama, one of Hawaii’s economically poorest neighborhoods. He found his way out through his art and culture and now helps at risk youth define their choices and make a quality connection to the community. His music always carries a message of positive reflection, even though they are rooted in the reality we live in today. Another aspect of Noland’s life is his involvement with The Tracking Project. Founded as a non-profit organization in 1986 by John Stokes, The Tracking Project (TTP), has worked with community educators and Native elders from around the world to design a series of teachings which connect individuals directly to the natural world. Discovering and identifying this part of his life has awakened parts of his spirit that again enhance his musical creativity.

Musical Virtuoso of Indian Music, Ravikiran, Concert April 1

Music Concert by Ravikiran

Sunday, April 1st

6:00 – 8:00 pm


Chitravina N. Ravikiran from Mysore, India, multi award-winning Carnatic music performer and composer, has been hailed as a true instrumental virtuoso in world music today.

His maiden instrumental performance was in 1979, at age 12. Today, he is recognized as one of the most eminent instrumentalists in the world, and has performed at prominent venues like the Theatre de la Ville(Paris), Vienna Palace (Austria), Tate Modern Gallery (London), National Theatre (Australia), the Institute of World Music (New York), Oji Hall (Japan), Esplanade (Singapore), Sadler’s Wells (London.)

His accomplishments on the exquisite 20/21-string-slide instrument, the chitravina, have made a striking impact in the arena of slide instruments as a whole. He gives both vocal concerts and concerts with the instrument, chitravina.  He is the grandson of famous musician, Narayan Iyengar. Ravikiran has successfully introduced the chitravina to the world music scene through collaborations with top musicians from diverse backgrounds such as Jazz, Western Classical, African, Brazilian, Mid-Eastern, Chinese as well as North Indian.

A child prodigy, he impressed scholars with his knowledge in Carnatic music. He made his first appearance as a musician at when he was 2 years old. Soon after that, he was presented in The Madras Music Academy, Krishna Ghana Sabha he was able to identify and render about 325 ragas (melodic scales) and 175 talas (rhythmic cycles). He was quizzed by famous musicians such as Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer, Pandit Ravi Shankar and  M S Subbulakshmi. The Music Academy, Madras, awarded the two-year-old a monthly scholarship for the next few years. Ravikiran trained in Carnatic music under the guidance of his father, Narasimhan. Ravikiran debuted as a vocalist in 1972, at Coimbatore at the age of five years. At the age of 10, he switched over to the 21-stringed chitravina. However, he resumed his vocal recitals in 1999 and now presents both vocal and instrumental concerts.

Ravikiran is the author of several books, ‘Appreciating Carnatic Music’ and ‘Perfecting Carnatic Music Level I and II’. He is also the founder of the International Foundation for Carnatic Music. Foundation website

Radio National, Australia  “…one of the world’s greatest slide players – whose instrument is NOT a guitar! …an amazing slide player in anybody’s language. “

Organic, Affordable Eco-Activewear Now at Boutique-E: Exclusive on Oahu!

Still & Moving is proud to introduce great, new activewear made with organic cotton and bamboo fabrics that are both beautiful and affordable. Boutique-E is the only place in the Hawaiian islands where you can find them!

“As we are cultivating consciousness here in our movement classes, we are expanding to include the clothing we wear as well,” says Renee Tillotson, our director.

Why buy organic? Since at least 25% of the world’s most harmful pesticides are used to grow cotton, by cleaning up this one industry we can take a big step toward living in harmony with the planet. It is empowering to remember that the choices we make as buyers dictate what is produced.

Organic bamboo fiber has a natural anti-bacterial and deodorization effect. This occurs totally naturally without chemical treatment, so bamboo fabrics are ideal for those with skin allergies or who are chemically sensitive. Bamboo regenerates naturally without replanting, eliminating the need for re-forestation. Bamboo fiber is 100% bio-degradable through prolonged sunlight exposure. Bamboo fiber naturally blocks 98% of all harmful UVA rays!

Paula Rath, Honolulu fashion writer, wrote a great piece with photos about the new lines in the boutique

Introducing the active wear lines now carried at Still & Moving Center’s Boutique-E:

Green Apple Active was pioneered with the vision to innovate and create new organic products for the active lifestyle arena. They use only natural raw materials, organically grown Bamboo & Certified Organic Cotton in all of their apparel. These crop pants are made from organic bamboo and cotton with 14% lycra for a great fit.

Bhakti Ware sews their organic yoga clothing in the U.S. The company since it’s inception has donated $1.08 of the proceeds from every item sold to organizations, which promote higher consciousness and help other beings in need including Habitat for Humanity, Make-a-Wish Foundation, and John Legend’s – ‘Show Me’ Campaign. Clothing on left is made from 100% organic cotton and lycra.

MahaDevi Design is a company from British Columbia, Canada run by two women who are dedicated to creating sustainable clothing made ethically from organic bamboo viscose and hemp. Fabrics are custom-made and dyed in custom colors, They have been wholesaling fabrics to other designers and clothing companies for years. Waterfall skirt and top featured on the right are made from organic bamboo and lycra.

Queen of Hearts Clothing is an independently owned and operated business that is based in Northern California. Their production takes place on Bali, co-creating with a family-owned cottage industry. The company has been able to keep their family of tailors working full time and make annual contributions to non-profit organizations in Bali.

While they are not an organic line, their designs are innovative, made with fair-trade practices. The soft, light-weight fabric is 90% rayon and 10% lycra and the styles are breezy like the islands, a perfect fit for Hawaii and you.

Inner Waves Organics:

100% organic cotton fitness clothing made in the USA. In their holistic approach, they have chosen a low-impact dyeing process, sourced sustainable materials and sought out suppliers and manufacturers who comply with Fair Trade Labor Practices.

Super Buddha: When you purchase a garment from Super Buddha you are dealing directly with the artist designer who created the design. They always strive to source garments that are made in the USA and  keep as much of their production as possible local. Super Buddha garments are hand printed or decorated by Super Buddha Collective artists in Santa Barbara, California USA. Sanskrit mantra: “You are All the Buddha.”

Tees for Change is an eco-friendly apparel company whose purpose is to inspire positivity. Adorned with messages such as CHOOSE HAPPINESS, TODAY MATTERS, PRACTICE KINDNESS and EMBRACE CHANGE, the tees are 100% organic cotton and 70% bamboo/ 30% cotton blends. You buy a tee, they plant a tree. To date, customers have helped them plant over 20,000 trees through our partnership with Trees for the Future.

Aerial Yoga & NEW Aerial Conditioning & Dance: More classes added!

We are excited to be offering Aerial Yoga and Aerial Silks at the Center.

Due to popular demand, we have added more classes. Currently our schedule is:


Tuesdays 5:30 – 6:45 pm with Wendi Lynch

Wednesdays 12:00 – 1:00 pm with Wendi Lynch

Thursdays 7:00 – 8:30 pm with Wendi Lynch


Monday & Wednesdays: 7:00 – 8:30 pm


Wednesdays 5:30 -6;45 pm

 Aerial Fitness with Jessica Walz

Monday 4:30-5:30 pm

Aerial Fusion with Jessica Walz

Saturday 9:15 – 10:45 am

Aerial Dance with Silks SERIES with Chandra Miars

Sunday 10:30 -11:30 am

Children 7 yrs + 5 Student Maximum

Adults 16 yrs + Sundays 11:45am -1:00 pm DETAILS BELOW

An introductory class will be held Sunday, February 12 for $15

Learn to dance in vertical space with the aerial technique. This 6 week session of Sunday classes will introduce you to the basic foundation of aerial dance skills, including climbing the silks, creating lock positions and holding poses. Students will learn to develop their inner strength and focus as they improve their coordination, strength, and flexibility. All Series students are invited to participate in the Still & Moving Center’s performance showcase on April 15, 2012, to share their learned skills in an aerial dance performance piece..

Six Week Series dates are: Feb 19, 26, Mar 4, 11, 25 and Apr 1. Dress Rehearsal will be on Sat afternoon, Apr 14.

Class price is $149

FOR ADULTS 16 yrs +

  Six Week Series: Feb 19, 26, Mar 4, 11, 25 and Apr 1

Series class price is $165 general

 $135 university/college students

  9 student maximum

This dynamic class includes 3 aspects of aerial work:  Skills, Conditioning & Yoga.  Aerial Skills with the higher ceiling involves climbing and learning to create simple lock poses on free-hanging silks.  Aerial Conditioning uses the silk apparatus – sometimes in contact with the floor, sometimes in the air – for strengthening exercises, supplemented by the use of exercise balls.  Once the silk fabric is knotted to form a hammock, Aerial Yoga gives the opportunity for deep, supported stretching, sometimes touching the floor, sometimes suspended.  This is a small class with plenty of personal attention and coaching.  A fabulous, unique workout with restful, rejuvenating closure.

Chandra comes to Still & Moving Center as a highly qualified artist, athlete, performer and teacher. Dancing professionally for IONA Contemporary Dance Theater for the last 11 years, while performing and teaching for the Samadhi Hawaii aerial studio for the last 6 years, Chandra is a consummate practitioner of meditative movement. In addition to aerial work and butoh, Chandra’s background includes ballet, jazz, tap, modern dance, hula, Pilates and yoga.

Malu Healing Room Open: Sessions Available

Malu Healing Room is Now Accepting Appointments!

Located in the heart of Still & Moving, Malu Healing Room is the center of our healing practices.  Like the inner point of our logo, it is the calm space in the midst of swirling movement.  We invite you to step in, take a breath and feel a sense of peace.  

Call during our business hours, 7 days a week, to schedule an appointment!


Massage Modalities

$85/Hour, $120/90 Minutes

  • Integrated Massage (integrating various massage techniques)
  • Lomilomi (traditional Hawaiian massage)
  • Reflexology (stimulating various points on the feet, hands & ears)
  • Shiatsu (Japanese technique meaning ‘finger pressure’)
  • Swedish (relaxing circulatory massage)

$95/Hour, $125/90 Minutes

  • Hot Stone Therapy
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage


  • $85/90 Minutes – First Visit with Consultation
  • $65/60 Minutes – Regular Visit 
  • $45/60 Minutes – 2nd Visit in any week
  • $35/45 Minutes – 3rd Visit in any week

Restorative Yoga  – Passive, supported yoga poses for deep relaxation

$120/90 Minutes

Transformative Yoga Therapy – Individualized counseling applying specific inner and outer yoga practices

$125/90 Minutes

Thai Yoga Therapy – Ancient practice whereby the therapist gently moves the client through various postures

$150/2 Hours

$750 for  5 Class series of 2.5 Hours each – for couples to learn to put each other through the postures.