YOSAKOI: Japanese Dance Sensation & Yosakoi & Yoga Fusion Mar 30 – Apr 1

YOSAKOI! Workshop Series

with Hideko Mukae, visiting instructor from Japan

Introduction to Yosakoi : Friday March 30   5:30 -6:30 pm  


Yosakoi & YOGA: Saturday, Mar 31    1:00 -4:00 pm  


Yosakoi Dance with Naruko April 1st    1:00 -4:00 pm  


*Sat & Sun Special Price $79

Come experience the fun, invigorating dance style that is hugely popular in Japan, but little known to the outside world.

Hideko will teach several workshops: one session will merge her two passions: yoga & yosakoi dance and the other will focus primarily on the Yosakoi dance itself. No experience necessary! It’s so fun you’ll forget it’s exercise and Hideko is a being of total joy!

Yosakoi (よさこい) is a powerful, energetic traditional festival dance that originated in the Southern Japanese city of Kochi in 1954. In recent years, it has incorporated modern dance styles and music and Yosakoi-style dancing has spread throughout much of the nation. The style of dance is highly energetic, combining traditional Japanese dance movements with modern music. The choreographed dances are often performed by large teams. Now, Yosakoi festivals are held all over Japan, throughout the year. They vary in size from small villages hosting a few teams of dancers in conjunction with another annual festival, to large cities like Sendai, which hosts the Michinoku Yosakoi Festival, the third largest festival in Japan.

The music for yosakoi is created with Japanese instruments such as the shamisen – a three-string banjo-like instrument – and taiko – Japanese drums and naruko- hand clapper. Although the music and dance is rooted in tradition, contemporary arrangements may incorporate popular Western dance styles such as hip hop, jazz dance, and even cheerleading. This melding of old and new has contributed to its revival amongst the younger generations.

Hideko Mukae has been a dance instructor  and choreographer for over 26 years in Japan, instructing a variety of dance and fitness exercises, including yosakoi, aerobic dance, hip hop, jazz, cheer dance and yoga. Hideko creates yosakoi choreography based on her vast experience with multiple types of dance. She also arranges naruko dance, a traditional Japanese dance similar to yosakoi, in a contemporary style and has led many teams to win awards at the Yosakoi Festival in Sasebo.

Watch her video of  her Yosakoi & Yoga workshop at Yoga Hawai’i


Here’s a rousing video of an energetic team in Japan!